About Me

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My love affair with singing ignited when I was just 10 years old, and by the time I turned 13, it had already blossomed into a profound passion. Looking back on this journey, it feels like a whirlwind romance with the world of music that has shaped my very essence.

As I reflect on my musical odyssey, I’ve unearthed not just a love for creating melodies and lyrics but also a deep fascination with the intricate workings of the music business and the transformative power of music education. Though the path ahead may still seem uncertain, I find solace in the way the stars are aligning, guiding me toward a future that leaves me brimming with anticipation.

In the chapters yet to be written, I eagerly embrace the multifaceted role of an artist, a singer-songwriter, an A&R consultant, and a fervent music community builder. My heart is set on nurturing and fostering the next wave of exceptional talent from Malawi, eager to showcase their artistry to the world.

With each day that unfolds, I am reminded of the boundless possibilities awaiting me in this symphony of life, where the notes of my passion harmonize with the aspirations of others. This journey promises to be a captivating melody, one that I can’t wait to compose, sing, and share with the world.

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