kim of diamonds
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KIM of Diamonds

Welcome to the official KIM of Diamonds website!

Join me on my music journey as I manouvre the ever changing local & global music industry. After growing up in Zimbabwe, moving to England and back home to Malawi a few years ago – I am continuously finding my sound in the midst of a world that expects me to sing and sound a certain way. What first inspired me to learn how to sing and to pursue music as a career is the drive to prove people wrong but now that I have seen how far I can go with focus and passion, it’s about living out my fullest potential through music unapologetically.

“I hope my journey inspires a generation of young African & Malawian musicians to not seek for permission to be great or globally influential from anywhere else but from themselves. It’s not easy but we’re doing it anyway and one day, it’s all going to pay off.”