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Not Saying Yé to Apple Music’s $100M?

Source: Highsnobiety

This is when you are in full creative control of your work & you’ve built a solid brand that speaks for itself even without you in it.

What would I do with $100M?? Buy the country🌝 😂😂 jokes! The real deal is: wow!

Turn down $100M?🥴 The gods must be crazy 😂 and you know they don’t just approach anyone with $100M you have to be solid!

But see how Kanye works – collaboration with people from different creative disciplines & he’s able to create jobs for his teams; he elevates the next rising stars regardless of industry.

Of course, he’s financially able to do so which makes all the difference between having ideas and executing them to the best standard.

Take no shortcuts, build something that will make people approach you for it’s value.

Don’t just look or sound successful, be it – put in the work & effort and enjoy it!

We will find ways to make these dreams real legitimately!😁💎

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Getting Your Music On Distribution Platforms

My precious Diamonds, I made a post on my Facebook page on whether my fellow Malawian upcoming & established artists know how to distribute their music to platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer & Pandora. From the comments, I decided to create a post that would help other Malawian artists to understand some of the important basics that make up a growing music career like getting their music on distribution platforms to reach a wider audience, so read on.
Getting your music on Distribution platforms (also known as DSPs) like Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and Tidal is one of the most important things you can do for your music career, whether you are an upcoming artist or an established artist.
But before you upload your music online for Spotify, Apple & co to distribute, you need to make sure your music is high quality from the final mastered version of it, to the lyrics and content because at the end of the day if you want to grow your music brand you must deliver on the quality and content front – very important!
There really is not a special formula on the best distribution platform, you just have to do your research on which Distribution platform is best for you depending on your budget. I have listed some of them below & I encourage you to spend some time looking them up because there are many options out there


(I am currently using Dittomusic to distribute my music. I might switch to another DSP later on depending on my strategy in a few months)
Per Year
Artist: $12/ MWK9,803
Professional (for 2 artists): $19/ MWK15,521
Label (for 5 artists): $45/ MWK37,000


$19.99/MWK16,400 to upload unlimited songs & albums for a year


Album $29.99/MWK24,500
Single $9.99/ MWK8,161


Boost: $24.99/ MWK20,415
Pro: $59.99/ MWK49,005
A couple of things to note is each Distribution platform differs slightly in their terms and conditions. For most, you will have to pay an annual fee to the Distribution platform of your choice and you get to upload and distribute as many songs as you want in a year.
We will talk about the perks of signing up to a Distribution Platform in another post! But for now, here is food for thought if you are looking to get serious about growing your audience as a musician beyond Malawian borders.
P.S: You can use your TNM Virtual Card to pay for your annual subscription fee on any of these distribution websites if you do not have a bank card with Visa or Mastercard
If you are signed up to a Distribution Platform already, comment below which one and why you prefer it 👇