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Breaking Up Bad Habits

You’ve been such sweet company

But I’m afraid we need to go our separate ways

Stuck in this comfort zone with you

We’ve been at war & you didn’t even notice

You’re comfortable. With your hand on my throat

Comfortable. Convincing me this is the shit I like

But now, I really have to go.

It’s not that I don’t love you, I do, too much it’s a problem

I need to go outside of us to see myself for real & I can’t do that when you’re constantly breathing down my neck

So I had to leave this note here.

I knew if you saw me, you’d convince me to stay. But I shouldn’t, this time

So long.

It’s been difficult to say the least, letting you go when I want more of you…

Yours truly.

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Be Sincerely Yours

Shot with FIMO EK 80.

I hope you return to yourself soon enough

The clarity of life when you’re attuned to your truest self fills the void we sometimes feel

Know that your truest self cannot be summed up

Bottled up. Ignored. Buried. Abused.

It knows when it’s time to call it quits

It knows when it’s truly happy & content

It recognises & knows that it doesn’t take a lot to make you happy

Rice porridge with butter, milk & peanut butter for breakfast on Sunday. What a feeling!

There are days when the wind is the only thing keeping us company from morning to evening

Sometimes we feel surrounded by unseen company, but is it truly safe to entertain angels these days?

We can be ourselves with ourselves more. Comfortable in our company & blessed by the company of others because we’re no longer afraid of living & loving

Simple things make us feel so delighted

It’s why it’s hard to think why someone would want go out of their way to be insincere in our presence

When there’s so much joy to be felt in just the honesty of living & connecting effortlessly

I hope we’re returning to ourselves, gently at a time πŸ’Ž

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#EndRapeCulture Enough (Lock U Up)

πŸ“· by KIM of Diamonds
Artwork inspired by a women’s march which took place in 2019, Malawi #MyBodyMyRights

Every year we read so many cases of women & girls being sexually violated – raped by strange & familiar men.

Why does it seem like we’re stuck in this vicious cycle as a society? Why are the many campaigns for #EndingRapeCulture not been effective?

Source: Unknown

The reality is we’re not doing enough to protect women & girls. Men & boys are also victims of other men sexually violating them – to whom do they turn to with such issues in our culture of silencing men.

Victims spend years with psychological trauma whilst perpetrators get away scot-free & oftentimes commit the same offense elsewhere. Worse still, perpetrators are fathers, uncles, grandfathers, cousins, brothers, step relatives, teachers, the list is endless!

We’ve seen a lot of promises about ending rape culture but the actions on the ground show that there isn’t a strong enough deterrent to keep rapists from committing crimes against other people’s bodies. Babies are victims. Young women. Mothers. Grandmothers. People with disabilities. Men & boys too. What needs to change? Who is responsible for the progress in this fight against rape culture? How and will victims ever fully heal & what compensation do they get for their ordeal?

We took the streets with #TakeItToTheStreetsMalawi2020 & we rallied together as women and men with placards that stated the outright truth – “My body, my rights”. That’s the story behind the artwork for “Enough (Lock U Up)”

That’s what inspired my latest song “Enough (Lock U Up)” which features incredible spoken word poetess, Dark Shadow and was produced by Ckay πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ό

It is an anthem for standing up against these violent actions & calling for justice to be done on the behalf of women and girls who’ve been violated sexually.

Enough (Lock U Up) KIM of Diamonds; Dark Shadow

We want to see perpetrators being locked away for life for the damage they do to womens and girls’ bodies. In reality we do want to see them receive more severe punishments than being locked away. We hope to see strides in the cause in the next couple years.

I tried looking for a toll number for rape victims and I didn’t find any. If you have any more information on a toll number that can be used in Malawi for people who want to report rape cases, please share the information in the comment section below.

You can download Download “Enough (Lock U Up)” from my shop πŸ’Ž

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Not Saying YΓ© to Apple Music’s $100M?

Source: Highsnobiety

This is when you are in full creative control of your work & you’ve built a solid brand that speaks for itself even without you in it.

What would I do with $100M?? Buy the country🌝 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ jokes! The real deal is: wow!

Turn down $100M?πŸ₯΄ The gods must be crazy πŸ˜‚ and you know they don’t just approach anyone with $100M you have to be solid!

But see how Kanye works – collaboration with people from different creative disciplines & he’s able to create jobs for his teams; he elevates the next rising stars regardless of industry.

Of course, he’s financially able to do so which makes all the difference between having ideas and executing them to the best standard.

Take no shortcuts, build something that will make people approach you for it’s value.

Don’t just look or sound successful, be it – put in the work & effort and enjoy it!

We will find ways to make these dreams real legitimately!πŸ˜πŸ’Ž

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“The day you plant the seed is not the day you’ll eat the fruit…”

Fabienne Fredrickson

One of my favourite sayings in the world.

Reminds me about patience in life: patience when building something for yourself, patience when seeing others building for themselves too.

We plant seeds, water them, do what we can & keep going.

That’s how I see this music thing as well: each song is a seed & with each release you don’t sit around waiting for responses or for your song to go viral – you go back into the studio to record some more songs to put out. (We’ll talk about the other things needed to make your music releases better each time in other posts).

This year, I’m challenging myself to release more music & for each song to be better than the last & I want YOU to join me – as an upcoming music creative hungry to enter the industry & make a name for yourself or as an established music creative looking to add more gas to your catalogue.

2022 demands new keys for new doors

Join me & let’s put out quality music – weekly, monthly, every two months (you decide the pattern that works for you realistically but also remember to push yourself!)

It’s going to take honesty, time & soul energy – all of which we have in abundance & now what is left is to apply – consistently & keep it moving!

My Throwback song of the week: Bad Company (2020), produced by The Beat Banger

I hope to be your gas-buddy this year because I will be gassing you up with some pep talk, useful links, opportunities & resources to help us go to the next level.

Keep your headphones on, more music loading!