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Be Sincerely Yours

Shot with FIMO EK 80.

I hope you return to yourself soon enough

The clarity of life when you’re attuned to your truest self fills the void we sometimes feel

Know that your truest self cannot be summed up

Bottled up. Ignored. Buried. Abused.

It knows when it’s time to call it quits

It knows when it’s truly happy & content

It recognises & knows that it doesn’t take a lot to make you happy

Rice porridge with butter, milk & peanut butter for breakfast on Sunday. What a feeling!

There are days when the wind is the only thing keeping us company from morning to evening

Sometimes we feel surrounded by unseen company, but is it truly safe to entertain angels these days?

We can be ourselves with ourselves more. Comfortable in our company & blessed by the company of others because we’re no longer afraid of living & loving

Simple things make us feel so delighted

It’s why it’s hard to think why someone would want go out of their way to be insincere in our presence

When there’s so much joy to be felt in just the honesty of living & connecting effortlessly

I hope we’re returning to ourselves, gently at a time ๐Ÿ’Ž

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